Friday, 31 July 2009

Dj Belena

DJ BELENA (Varets Olesya)
The German-Ukrainian origin. Was born in the city of happiness - Yalta. She is in modell and dancing show business since 15 years. Education - circus school. Constantly asked to stand together with Dj for a picture. She has gradually mastered technics, secrets of sound-mastering and deeply went to the Dj-industry. For today she has two styles: Electro-House and Retro-Vandalizm (80-90). The second year works professionally in clubs of Moscow, the central part and the north of Russia, everywhere in Ukraine, Kiev, Almaaty, tours in “Cyclon” (Dubai), White Zone (Antalia), Inferno (Kemer), Crazy Dayzy (Marmaris), Halikarnas (Bodrum).
In nearest plans there are series of shows with Anfisa Chehova, a tour around the central Europe: Iceland, Switzerland, Party (Ibiza), resorts of the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.

Belena has two styles: BElectro house and Retro Vandalism. And actually is unique girl Dj playing electro-remixes of Russian pop and old rock, Disco 80-90 and, if necessary, will amuse the world by sexual BElectro. Therefore Belena is actively invited not only in clubs, but she is involved in corporate movement at the highest level.

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